How to Rebuild the surface but not affecting the 4 corners - grasshopper

face.3dm (313.9 KB)


I am trying to rebuild the surface in a simpler face, with multiple faces. how should I do it based on the gh I have? thanks

You didn’t post your GH file.

Sorry mate, here you go. thanks


And you didn’t internalize your geometry; having the .3dm file doesn’t help.

3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files

Apologies, please see the attached GH file again. thanks
REBUILD (295.4 KB)

Hi Wong Ping,

Even though your surfaces have varied counts of control points, you can exploit the Deconstruct Brep component to yield the 4 corner points and then build a simple surface from these.

I added additionally logic to unify the surface normals as well.

Hope this helps, cheers!



20230519_REBUILD (301.3 KB)

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Hi Michael, Thank you for your help! appreciated!

You’re welcome!