How to rebuild a surface ( floating surface)

Hi, I want to make a surface using rebuild like middle picture(vertically , on the slanted surface)
But I don’t know how. (I failed… like picture left and right)
Can I get tips? thanks.

It’s not completely clear what you want to make, but…

There is more than one way to make it.

Using your method, you might want to move multiple nodes at once, and even soft select them to drag them into a uniform shape.

If I understand it correctly, you can also make a shape like that using a series of curves that describe it’s sections and then loft those curves in correct order.

By criss-crossing your curves, you can force more of your will on it using surface from curve network.

If I do not understand you correctly, you might want just an extruded curve? You can change its degree to 3 and add more nodes to further modify it.

Sometime you need to add more nodes, but generally a smoother shape is possible with the fewest nodes that define the shape you want.

Hi Ina - it looks like maybe you want to move the middle points in the surface normal direction - if so, there are several ways to do this that come to mind -

  • MoveUVN and use the slider for N (Normal). You’ll need to adjust the number accordind to how much you want to move.

  • Set DragMode to UVN (DragMode command) and use Ctrl click and drag on the points to move them Normal.

  • While the surface is still flat, set a CPlane to the surface (CPlane >Object) then move the points vertical to the plane with the Ctrl (‘Elevator mode’) constraint or use Move > Vertical.


Thank you Pascal. I solve the problem using MOVEUVN. Thank you ^.^

Thank you Brenda. I solve the problem.