How to read Volume from a Rhino File using Rhino SDK


I am new to Rhino SDK. I have to read the volume of all objects from multiple rhino files and print them in a text file. I tried with sample plugin and its is working but in my case I have to print the files in a text I tried with Rhino SDK C++. I have included all the headers and libraries and tlh file. But am stuck with where to start as am not getting any Intellisense. Am using Visual Studio 2010 SP1 only.How should I proceed.What are important libraries to be included?

Thank you

Well, you don’t need to write a plug-in to calculate the volume of objects in multiple files. You can use RhinoScript for this.

If you look on our RhinoScript samples site, you will see a number of sample scripts that begin with the work “Batch.” All of these scripts will iterate through a folder and do something with a 3DM file. If you wanted to open each file and calculate the volume of each solid object, then this is certainly possible.

If you really want to use C++, then here is a sample C++ command that will calculate volume:

Also, if you want intellisense in Visual Studio, then I suggest creating a C++ project that just includes the Rhino SDK headers. Then, just included this project in your plug-in solution.

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Rhino Script samples helps a lot for my work.Thank You Dale.