How to Randomly Select Trees (and not branches)

The goal is to merge a Tree with a random set of Tree. ( So the possible output would be two set of tree) Like the picture below.

Is it possible? (35.1 KB)

Something like this could do the trick (35.8 KB)

By the way, 2 small advices :slight_smile:

  • Your model is currently 200 000+ meters away from Rhino’s origin, which can lead to slower calculation and less precise results. You might want to bring the model closer to the center.
  • Having different depth level of branches within one datatree is (I think) never a good thing… I’m speaking of this

It’ll be a lot easier for you if you find another way that keeps same depth level within one tree :slight_smile:
It comes from a merge that you do earlier in the definition. You could either flatten the inputs (not outputs) of the merge, or use entwine (flatten mode). I believe entwine will be more suited in your case.

Cheers !


Thank you for all the tips. really helped! :slight_smile:

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