How to quick open Insert-Linked file?

I use method Insert/Linked to organize Interior project. It will reduce the size of main file project.

However, I confront other problem is finding and opening the linked file.
Are there any quick tip to find and open linked file?


From the Block Manager.

Hi @jeremy5
Yes, I also find in Block Manager, however I only can read each name of file. Even if I could not sort file by name.
Are there other suggestion?


how about double-clicking the linked block?
That should initiate EditBlock, which for linked files opens them in a separate Rhino for editing.

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Sorry, not at my computer: thought there was an edit option. From the command line you can use the Blockedit command.

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Hi @jeremy5 and @Jarek
Great! Double Clock in block OR run Blockedit command will open new Rhino and I can edit. Then I have to close new Rhino to update. I think this is good tip.
By they way, I tried save then create new blank file, not close new Rhino. They will not update until I close Rhino.

Thank both of you