How to quantify torsion at Initial Strain Load

Dear Karamba friends,

I am working on analyzing a system of bent and twisted beams.
Due to discretisation, I apply the bendings via initial strain component.
For torsion, I computed the torsion angle, but I don´t know how to quantify this value
regarding initial stress. I read the manual regarding initial stress and looked through examples, but this question still remains open to me.

A simple beam example is attached!

It would be great and highly appreciated if someone can help me with this issue!

Kind regards,
Marilies (51.3 KB) Beam_InitialStrain_BendingAndTorsion.3dm (171.6 KB)

Hello @marawedl,
the initial twist is in rad per meter (see this example: (15.6 KB)).
– Clemens

Dear Clemens,

Thank you for the reply!