How to put the control point to 0.707106781186541 by default?

Why the control point is not set to 0.707106781186548 by default?
Is confusing.

I wish to put it by default. Is that possible?

What control point should be set to \sqrt{2} \over 2 , and why that value?

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Dear @AlanMattano
Please give more infos / context to your question.

command to get “Expected”

in most circumstances you will not be able to build part of a circle with a
_curve Degree = 2 Curve
of course you can adapt the weight, but for anything else then 90 degree
(weight = sqrt(2)/2) you will need more math to figure out the correct weight. (assuming CV-Position is correct)
… digging… it seams quite accessible weight = sin(alpha)

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Hello Tom P,

I was trying to change the default curve value from 1 to 0.707…
I do not have a clear idea of what I’m asking.
So I’m testing making a fuselage.

YES, It looks like the way to go is to use arc semi-circle instead of the curve command is the way to go.

Thanks for your replay

Keep in mind that poiint weights are relative - setting all to the same number is the same as all being 1 (default). Weights are useful, as far as I know, only when they vary.


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Thanks Pascal !
I do not know if my numbers are ok but look like working.