How to project curves from a single point to a surface

Hello guys,
I would like to transform a shape like a shadow from point light.

I need your help,
Thanks, Yusuke

Hi Yusuke - please post an example file.


Hi Pascal

Actually it is more complicated though…
sample.3dm (663.6 KB)

A shadow pattern in the yellow line is the pattern I would like to have as nurbs curve.

Hi @usk.y2667,

Is this what you mean?


work in wireframe !!!

query the light position
copy the position
draw a point
paste above position

use the initial Pattern
_extrudeCrvToPoint (to above point)
_scale … (center = point above)

result are the blue surfaces in my case

to get the curves on the target surface
(don t use _intersect !)

sample_tp.3dm (18.9 MB)

kind regards - tom

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Hi Jeremy,
Yes, it is exactly what I want!

Hi Tom,
It works as I hope! thank you very much!

Tom has already explained, saving me the bother!