How to print out this procedure from Rhino website?

I need to print this out to follow it, but selecting print preview sees the article occupy a column 40% of page width, just as much space is allotted to the list of other options, how can one print out such tuition in a way it can be read and not spew out several pages full of unnecesary side data.



in the upper right of that page you have 3 buttons:

The middle one prints this: Decal properties _ Rhino 3-D modeling.pdf (181.0 KB)


Excellent ::slight_smile:
many thanks, clearly the pdf option ignores the unwanted stuff whilst the canon printer option isnt that intelligent.

I always reach for the paper printout option, the canon ip7250, so I have learnt something !

Websites are the same, it grabs everything,

Wish I had a way of displaying such articles alongside my PC monitor, paper printout is the only way.

so now to print the pdf.
end up with loads of paper .
It would be interesting to know how other folk read and follow such things at same time.


Two monitors?

I could not imagine working with one monitor. Work with two but would really love Felicity`s workspace in the Arrow. Would never have to put anything away…just move my chair.

Also, if you have the monitor real estate, you might find the Rhino command webBrowser to be handy. It allows you to have web pages open in Rhino which don’t get hidden away when you shift your attention back to modeling.


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No room at all for two monitors, so guess its loads of paper.
Unless I get a smaller one and affix to wall to left of scanner, viewing angle 45degrees.

havent a clue how to get tutorial onto it , any tutorials on how to get reference material onto second monitor welcome.