How to preserve Materials and UVs through Grasshopper?

Hello everyone!

I am modelling a modular building and created modules that I want to distribute using Grasshopper.

The modules are textured, have materials assigned and have UVs.

Unfortunately after baking the modules back into the Rhino document all materials and UVs are lost.

This is one original module in front of the baked building:

This is how I am referencing the modules inside Grasshopper:

Thanks for any help in advance!

You can block your module then use Elefront to distribute it.

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Thanks you for showing me this plugin! It’s great!

For some reason I can’t bake the blocks even though they show up fine as Grasshopper previews.

I got both the Grasshopper and Rhino plugin installed.

Got it now. Geometry inside a block stays on the original layers which I had hidden since I didn’t know.