How to position geometry at the corners of a rounded rectangle: e.g. legs of a table

I’m working on a table and wondering how I can position the legs nicely at the corners of table in such a way that they are inside the rounded rectangle.

I’ve created a table which looks like:

My current approach is like this. First I created a rectangle with a width/height and a corner radius. then I have similar rectangle which I translate and scale a bit. Then I use a loft to create a mesh from these two rectangles. I’ve selected both rectangles here:

And the relevant nodes:

Next I created the nodes that make up a leg and put those nodes into a cluster. Now, I’m trying to find out a solution how I can position the legs nicely at the (rounded) corners of the table. As a quick test I created a rectange without the rounded corners and simply positioned the geometry of the legs at the vertices of the rectangle. I’ve uploaded the Grasshopper file of the table which: (38.8 KB)

I’ve created this simplified version (7.0 KB) :

… which produces the following; note that I would like to position the spheres (legs) inside the table.

Any advice how I can position the legs nicely inside the rounded rectangle?