How to populate text from Grasshoper to Rhino?

Newb here so I’m sure this may have been discussed however I’m trying to figure out how to have text from grasshopper populate a text field in Rhino.

Pictured below is my script/diagram (unsure what it’s called) that is taking my csv file to separate the columns of the csv file to populate my Rhino’s table of tabulated data. However I cannot figure out how to get Grasshopper to link to a text box in Rhino. Copy Paste works great from Grasshopper to Rhino but having the csv file linked to Grasshopper then to Rhino so it all auto populates would be great! Can this be done and if so how?

Any help is greatly appreciated,

No takers eh?

I don’t have a method for this other than creating a table manually in grasshopper (place corresponding points/rectangles and text then bake)

So you are looking to link existing text fields?

Always post some sort of file if possible. How to ask effective questions

What sort of text box?

Thanks guys for helping. I figured out how to link (as I’m calling it) grasshopper text to rhino. However now I don’t know how to get rid of or hide the control points for placing the text in rhino as these control points print out and look like periods so instead of 32 I get 3.2. Also cannot figure out how to choose what font Grasshopper outputs to Rhino.

The screen shot below is the results I’m currently getting. In red text is what Grasshopper is generating. It’s a different font than I’d like and the little Xs in red I’d like to hide as they print out.

I’ve attached all three files that I’m working with. I’m using a csv for grasshopper to retrieve information to input into Rhino but appears I cannot upload a csv file so I upload a txt file of it.

Table.3dm (543.1 KB)
TabulatedData.ghx (1.6 MB)
TabulatedData.txt (900 Bytes)

Thanks guys for your help!

If you right click or middle mouse click on a component you can turn off the preview. The Point preview is giving ou the little red x’s.

Thanks Rickson, that takes care of that much appreciated. Any idea on how to change font type?

Not without plugins. If i recall even those typically have to be baked before actually seeing the font change.

Oh ok so it’s just a default font from Grasshopper’s preview that cannot be changed. Hmm do you know of any good scripts then for doing tables from a csv file to rhino with having adjustability in font etc?

My only experience in this area is generating the CSV from Rhino/Grasshopper to Excel, then back again – unfortunate not for tables though.

A table is just grid.

This requires Elefront

I was mistaken, it does preview, but doesn’t do the Justification. (9.5 KB)

Thanks again Rickson. I’ll check that out. I guess I was referring to a grid as a table for doing Bill of Materials and Table of Tabulated Data for work.