How to place Spikes all round surface evenly

Durian002.3dm (248.8 KB)
Hi I would like to know what is the best method to place spikes all round the surface? Thanks

Hi @Terry_Chin

Try to be a bit more specific! Any kind of pattern in mind or just random placement? If you are looking for manual, “random” positioning, just use OrientOnSrf. FlowAlongSrf is also an option. Or look at Panelling Tools or Grasshopper. Really it depends on what you have in mind.

HTH, Jakob

Hi Normand

Actually i found the penta shape spike might have some issue, i have change to a hexa shape spike. I am looking at how to place the spike evenly and wrap around the egg like surface to look like a Durian, king of fruits.Durian003.3dm (258.8 KB)