How to place leaves on a branch?

Hello, I have a branch and a leaf. How I can place a set of leaves on a branch so that they were directed concerning a branch (on normals)?

Untitled.3dm (804.4 KB)

Hi Moder - use OrientOnSrf for this. Pay attention to the Rigid and Copy options. The direction that is mapped to the normals is the current CPlane Z when you pick the reference points.


Hi Pascal!

If I have a set of branches, then process will be extremely labor-consuming and the tool works only at surfaces (at once you won’t choose a set of surfaces). By means of GH this process can be simplified somehow and I need a casual arrangement which is difficult for achieving.

you can explode it and merge the tubular surface to one tube to get one surface, the cap won´t merge though. at least as a reference surface for the leafs and then delete the merged surfaces again if it does not join properly. i tried and ran into slight difficulties, you see. and then try again what pascal suggested. or ArraySrf to release a higher amount at once but the outcome will be very symmetric not very natural.

You need Flamingo plugin. Its plants do not consume much memory, but they are realistic. You can modify them in many ways, including different bark, leaves, flowers, and fruits.

Another option is their plants look very good, but are expensive and consume much memory.

As I see the program has no functions to placement on the chosen object (branch) in a casual order of leaves, kidneys, etc. But nothing - somehow I will manage…
But all the same thanks!

Question of Flamingo:
I have an opportunity to make leaves not flat? How it is strongly possible to deform and adjust a trunk, branches? Whether it is possible to export result to the external program?

All Flamingo plants have flat leaves. There is no way to manipulate trunks and branches of Flamingo plants. All you can do is to change algorithms and textures. Someone should persuade the maker of Flamingo, Roy Hirshkowitz, to enable the users of this program to extract render meshes of the plants. If we can extract the render meshes, we can manipulate them.

Install Array Curve Plus:

You can array, rotate and scale along the central curve you used for the pipe command


Such vegetation doesn’t suit me…

Hello Andy, plug-in of “ARRAY CRV PLUS” free perhaps?

I hope you’ve clicked on it by now? It’s free…

I have understood, I thank! I will check a plug-in later…

I have delivered to “ArrayCrvPLUS”, but only not a flood plain for what the second ArrayCrvPLUS.tb file is necessary. I cause team, I lay down an object on a curve on a surface - here a problem - there are sense no options in a subject of accident or I haven’t understood something?

On the same website I see “Armadillo” - he does something similar to “ArrayCrvPLUS”, but only with a set of options of accident… And he probably does that it is necessary to me…

I am extremely grateful to you for an iformation!

Here what at me it has turned out to make in “Armadillo”.

The cool plug-in, is a lot of settings. I would never find him…

Once again thanks!