How to place a construction on top of an existing building?

Hi everyone! For my project, I need to automatically place more copies of the tower that you can see in the picture, on top of some of the buildings around it. Is it possible?
Thank you so much!


You can use Orient to place the red/orange/yellow tower on top of the other buildings. (23.2 KB)

Thanks a lot! I just have a question about your method, the tower is a series of elements created in grasshopper, is there a way to group everything in just one element that I can connect to the geometry in Orient?

These are all the elements for the tower

Your screenshot is rather useless unfortunately.

The input is now grafted, which means the orientation is done to all parts of the initial tower. You could also group the parts. Depends a little bit on how you create the parts and what you want to do next

I adapted my example file. (32.2 KB) (20.4 KB)
This is the file with the tower, what I meant with the screenshot was that I created the tower with different properties, like some parts are the lift and some are the apartments, so I wanted that all the parts could be grouped, in order to have the tower with al the different elements on top of the buildings (46.5 KB)

Thank you so much, you’ve been really helpful!!!

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