How to pixelate a form in grasshopper

hi there,
i have a cluster of cubes interacting each other [as in Picture(1)], is there any possible way so i can pexilate the whole form and make it look like something as picture (2)?
i really appreciate your time and effort!
thank you

pic 2

  1. Create a 3d grid of Points.
  2. Points in breps -> cull outside
  3. Use Points for simple boxes or voxels (many plugins outside there, which provide that function)
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If you want it as one outer mesh then use voxel componet from mesh tools:

If you want to fill voxels with any other geometry download pufferfish and the examples. In example folder > workflow folder use example

You have to create a grasshopper forum account, that will let you see the contents of the milkbox group

Try it yourself first. If you fail, I will help you :slight_smile:
Btw try @Michael_Pryor‘s Pufferfish plugin. As he mentioned in the example file is nearly exactly that, what you want

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Shit… I hope nobody will ever judge me for my terrible english :smiley:

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Never was offensive against or even meant to you. But ok, I’m out of that thread.

did you look at the search button in discourse ?
When you need something it is good to get references (serpentine-gallery-pavilion-2013-sou-fujimoto) and search a bit on the web. Hope this link help


Oh cool, I will definitely take a look. Thanks for the mention Laurent!

Greetings for mentioning the sacred defection term . Keep hoping :)) no one is to judge you king Tim