How to partition list for graft

Hi I want engrave numbers on geometries but I am having trouble with partition list…
As you can see in the picture, numbers(Yellow) are partially submerged into the geometries(Blue).

I tried flattening them to do ‘solid difference’ but it takes too long…(14mins) Therefore, I was wondering if there was a way to ‘solid difference’ individually so that I can save some time.

So how do I group numbers into each sets so that I can individually engrave them?
**by the way, it’s up side down. You have to flip it on perspective view or go to bottom view.

Tree (9.4 MB)

It is unrealistic to expect an answer without posting your GH code and internalized geometry, at least the parts shown in your image.

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@Joseph_Oster omg… how did I forget to attach it?! Edited!

used scale non uniform to make your numbers a bit longer along -Z, as if you were extruding them 3x longer to the outside (to make sure they were not intersecting the petals with their back side) and it looks like it’s working:

they are 105, and they are all closed :+1:

Tree (4.7 MB)


14mins to 14 seconds!
Works like a magic :slight_smile: Thank you so much!

Is there a reason for you to extend the numbers?
It seems like it is still working fine without extending them.

The numbers are already separated into branches of 1, 2 or 3 digits (breps) so there is no need for Partition at all. Just graft the geometries (the Solid Difference ‘A’ input) and voilà! ~18 secs.

I won’t bother to upload the large file. It appears that you internalized both geometries twice? Making the file larger than it needs to be.

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Thanks! Seems like that is what I did yesterday, don’t know why it didn’t work…

Oh well it is working now! Thanks again

I swear this was not working on my PC this morning… but now it does :slight_smile: so you can throw my 1D-scaling-thing directly in the trashcan :smiley:

all you needed to do from your original post is un-graft the Breps-B input in the solid difference component, and connect the wire :slight_smile: (which is anyway more complicated than what @Joseph_Oster suggested :+1: )

But you are still using Partition which is completely unnecessary, eh?

you’re 110% right :slight_smile: