How to paint in the most effective way

Hi all

I’ll describe my issue in following way.

I want to paint a surface / shape, the shape is rather exotic has a lot of turns and bends and parts sticking out.
I have this surfaced defined in grasshopper. I know the width of my paint brush.

How can I define the shortest travel/painting distance with my brush such that I can paint the entire shape.

In the end it would be the idea to have a set of polylines (with the shortest combined length), that if these are sweeped with the correct width, would cover the entire shape.
Painting outside of the lines would be allowed :stuck_out_tongue: and is not an issue (we’ll tape off the the surroundings :slight_smile:)
Taking your paint brush of the surface to relocate would also be allowed (but preferably this ‘travel distance’ is counted somehow)

Any ideas?
Best regards

A couple of thoughts…
Start simple and work from there, iterating if you will. Use Galapagos and “nest” your brush strokes,maybe with a simple shape like a rectangle. In some ways you are asking for a “tool path” with the width of the brush = to the width of the tool. I could readily do it using RhinoCam, might take a few iterations to do it with grasshopper. Never the less I would start with Galapagos.

This might be a start. I found isocurves on a surface, divided those curves then tried to sort the points so that the connecting ployline was as short as possible. This is not quite a perfect solution but maybe it will help get you going? (11.9 KB)