How to output string value with a percent sign (%)?

Hello kind people of the McNeel forum, I am using @it and tagging polygons with string values from the shapefile. E.g. This 's value for is 0.298." And I am using TextTag to center that number onto the shape.

I would like to show, instead of 0.298, 29.8%. I figured out how to format it to show 29.8, but am unsure about how to add the % at the end.

I’m using the expression Format("{0:0.0}",x*100} … What do I need to do to add the ‘%’ symbol at the end? This is just for convenience sake, but seems like an interesting thing to figure out!


You figured out the multiplication yourself I think :slight_smile:

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Martin beat me to it, but I found the answer… I just had to put the symbol inside the quote marks!


Source thread: Syntax for Format function (Expression functions)? - Grasshopper (

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That’s a neat solution too

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