How to Orient along an ikosader?


Could Somebody help me on how I can Orient this triangle Along this Ikosader, so that it keeps his orientaion along the Surfaces?

I´m really confused about it, because my results are just Wrong,
Ikosader (12.3 KB)

Thank you in advance ! :smiley:

Tip: Better use Meshes (faster, rather more “palatable” connectivity not to mention that any decent GeoDome thing [general case] yields meshes). (130.4 KB)

Ow wow, that is really interesting on how you did that, Thank you very much!
I like your added comments Haha

BTW: In case that you can’t read C# … the target Plane is defined as follows: origin is the MeshFace center, Point at X Axis is the first adjVertex and Point at Y Axis is the second adjVertex. Topology Vertices (and not Vertices) are used. So place - with some rational way - your source Courve at 0,0,0 because in real life and in PlaneToPlane trans the Plane.WorldXY is the from/source Plane.