How to orient a curve to points on other curve?

Hi there,

can someone please help, I need to orient the “Radiator Curve” to points on the divided curve, so that the concave side of the large radius in the profile curve shows to outside.

I’m still at a starter level for Grashopper…Orient curve to points on (29.0 KB)

Thank you!

You didn’t internalize the surface param.

Oh, so I need to do it again tommorow.
Working at clients PC.

now with internalised surface.
Thank you.Orient curve to points on (22.6 KB)

Not sure if I was clear about the desired result, so I just made a screenshot.
The profile curve shall be oriented along the curve as in the image.

Something like this?

Orient curve to points on (23.4 KB)

Thank you, almost percect.
The insert point of the profile curve should be different, so that the 3 small radii meet as shown in the screenshot.
I think I had that correct in the initial version and can myself now.
Thank you again.

Sorry, I had a mistake in the profile curve.
It wasn’t cut at the half of the small radius where it shall join the next one.

Check this as well.

Orient curve to points on (25.0 KB)

Thanks, I have already solved it by cutting the original rhino curve.
Also I have offsetted the orientation curve, as the profile shall not be proud from the original one.
And I have changed the end points of the profile, so that the large radius shows outside with it’s concave side.