How to Optimize Floor Space

Hi Grasshopper Community,

I am working on this school project where I am building a building where I want to optimize each level of a 20 story building based on its rent at each floor and there is a maximum area of all levels. How do I do such that grasshopper gives me a mass of tower where it gives me the maximum amount of rent and reaches the maximum area with bounds defined?

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Question: How do I do something?
Answer: Yes.


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Hi Adnan,
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Please read this: How to ask effective questions

Grasshopper doesn’t do automatically what you need.
YOU make grasshoper do what you need.

The description of your problem is vague: you wrote about floors/levels, areas, bounds, rents and even a mass(?)
Do you have a logic behind those values? Or you just hope to put them together in a blender and pick up the result?

If you can describe what is your input, with details, and how you want your output, in detail… yes, it can be done!
You can convert any logic in an algorithm and translate it into gh.

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