How to Open Door Leaf in Model/3D View for Visualization

Hi Guys,

Just discovered VisualArq yesterday and it’s been blowing my mind. This directly slots into our existing digital workflow and solves so many little issues, with one notable snag:

In Enscape/VR walkthroughs in model view, I’m having a hard time figuring out how to display VA doors as open so clients can walk through them. Controlling in 2D is a dream, but it’s hard to show a client their project if I can’t get the doors open.

Any advice on how to display a door leaf as open in model view?

Amazing software. I’m almost angry I haven’t found it before now. Thanks!

Hi @Clayton_Muhleman,

VisualARQ doors and Windows have an “Aperture” property, so you can open/close them individually in the editor:




Fantastic. Enric, thank you so much!