How to offset inward a closed curve which may result in more than one curves?

I have the following curve:
Image 25

… and I want to get its inward offset which may look like this depending on the distance of offset:
Image 25-2

The default offset component is not working and the polyoffset component in the StudioAvw component group only works for outward offset:

May I ask how to achieve the original objective? Thanks.

curve offset issue (6.1 KB)

You could explode the polyline, offset its crvs separately, find the intersects of the offsets and make rectangles out of them, you will need to think about how you sort the intersects list to just get the rectangles you want! (Note that this would only work if the neck between the two objects is less that the offset distance)

Don’t use a negative number for the Clipper ‘PolyOffset D’ input:
curve offset issue _v001_2017Dec12a
curve offset issue (6.8 KB)


Thanks, @Joseph_Oster. I didn’t notice the Hole option for the PolyOffset component.