How to offset curve with Loose Yes but with trim the intersect on Rhino6

i attached pictures. there is on Rhino 7 Command-line options: Trim (Yes/No) Specifies whether the intersected curve segments will be trimmed to the corners… but I have Rhino 6. and i use Curve Boolean to trim . but it takes a long time.

Hello- you can get this ‘loose-ish’ behavior but making the tolerance setting at the command line in Offset larger.


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Thanks Pascal i make tolerance 100 ( it was 0.001) but the number of the points is difference. i want the same points number. picture attache d and rhino file attached Raghda.3dm

another example on picture 2 ( the letter m on Red main Curve have 2 points but the offset curve have 5)

hi @George_Chahane
You could try this:
use Offset Loose = yes , and then trim overlapping parts, and for the parts that don’t connect, use Extend with ExtendOtherCurvesBy=Smooth

Thanks Gijs de Zwart. but it takes a long time.