I am trying to recreate this srf with network srf. When i used networksrf with the curves I have the srf (gold srf) that is created is not 100% the same as the one I want to create. When I add more curves I get “unable to use this curve network”. My problem with the srf I have already is the geometry is not uniformed like a planes’ geometry. How could I get the geometry to look like uniform like the mesh version (green srf) I have.

networksrf issue .3dm (1.1 MB)

Your file has all geometry on a single layer which makes it difficult to look at and understand. It is much better for each different surface to be on a separate layer.

NetworkSrf requires the curves the curves to be in two groups including the perimeter curves. There need to be four perimeter curves, two in each group. Each curve cannot intersect any other curve in that group.

NetworkSrf can only create smooth surfaces without any creases or kinks.