How to multiply PictureFrame texture with color value?


I have a PictureFrame (color and transparence texture) and want to tint it with a color value e.g. #FF0000 (red). White pixels should be multilplied by my color value and become red.

I have found this material script:

DiffuseColor property doesn’t help, transparent pixels become red, but not the white ones.

Any ideas?



Hi @Michael_Meyer,

It seems to work here (V5) using the diffuse color with below texture file after i turned off the color cannel:

the transparency embedded in the image remained transparent. (8.2 KB)


Good morning Clement,

this was looking good, but is not exactly what I need. I need a multiplication of the color texture with my new color. Here an example in another software:

I will play now with a composite material, but I don’t get it at the moment.

Thank you very much


Hi @andy,

can you help me with a color multiplying material? I have tried a composite material, but I don’t understand it what it does, here my try:

I have a PNG with transparency and want to multilply colored pixels with my own color (e.g. red), white colored pixel should become red, black colored pixel should stay black.

Thank you



I don’t think that’s possible the way things are set up.

  • Andy

Hi @andy,

thank you for your comment and good to know.