How to move scripts?

I have a compiled script in Rhino 4, but will now move to a new computer with Rhino 5 on it.

How do I move the script to the new position, so that it is still available in a menu.?

I think that is going to depend on how it was compiled. IIRC, if it was compiled as an .rhp for V4, it will run in V5 32 bit but probably not in V5 64 bit…


Hi Mitch

Thank you for your reply.

It is a rhp-file. To which folder should I move it?
Will it show up in a menu automatically?

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Best thing is probably to install it manually, copy it to your Rhino 32 bit plug-ins folder, then with Rhino 5/32 running, drag and drop it from the plug-ins folder into the Rhino window and it should self-install.