How to move points above the grids?

Hello, I am trying to create a tensile structure with Kangaroo. What I did was creating the base rectangular grid in Rhino. I set and moved the anchor points in Rhino to generate different heights of the tensile structure. But I need to do everything in grasshopper now. I want to create a rectangular grid with points. I want to select certain points move along the z-axis and these points need to be input to Kangaroo. Can anyone teach me the steps? Thanks a lot!

This is the steps of what I want to make. Is there better commands of making it?

This is the commands that I used to create a tensile plane. I set the surface and points in Rhino. I just move the points in Rhino after the tensile plane is created. How can I make the surface, points and moving of points in Grasshopper?

Try these approach to your problem.

Have a try with this K2 version as well if you could upgrade…

Tensile structure with (23.7 KB)