How to move point by cm around circle

Is there any tool how to move point by cm around circle. Example I want move point to 10 cm left or 30 cm. I can do that by angle, let say 3 degree left, but I can’t find any tool that I say let move point my xx cm.

Hi -
the easy way out is to use the Divide command with the Length option.
The “right” way to do it is to calculate the angle…

You need to rotate your point with an angle of 1.81891°…

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Divide is messy and you have to adjust the seam point to your start location.

Easier to use Rotate about the centre of the circle and when asked for the angle enter the formula:


where 10 is the distance you want to move and 1979.20 is the circumference.

To avoid measuring the circumference you can do this directly from the radius (315):



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SubCrv will let you create a curve from the marked position with the exact number.

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Hi all.

Nice tricky solutions for a quite simple request…

This is probably the most intuitive approach but implies an extra step.

Be able to combine Rotation with SubCrv via the One Shot Length in one step would help.
Seems not impossible…

Rodolfo Santos.