How to move custom toolbars to new computer

I am in the process of moving to a new computer

PC, Windows 10

The old computer has Rhino 5, I have Rhino 6, but didn’t bother to put it on this ‘desktop’

I will just load Rhino 6 on the new computer

I have a ton of scripts and tool bars

How do I ‘move’ them to the new installation?

Will all the button icons transfer?

Can I create new path names for the scripts? I would like to keep them in separate folders, but not at the root like I currently have

Hello - if you have scripts (rvb) that load at startup then you’ll need to set those up again. The toolbar files, (RUI) you can move and open on the other machine, but V5 toolbar macros may be different. If the toolbars run scripts using explicit paths, then the macros will need to be redirected or the paths reproduced on the new machine - it somewhat depends on the set up of the scripts and the macros…


Hi Pascal


They are all RVB
None of them load at start up
They are attached to buttons that are in tool bars

I found one RUI file




I just copy this to my new machine?

I had problems with doing that one time

The icons (bitmaps on the buttons) are included in that file?

Thanks, Mark

follow up

I found a second file here



I do see when I open ‘toolbar layout’ it gives me the file and path name, so it seems to be using the one called default

Hi Mark - if your modified toolbar file is called “Default”, you should definitely rename it so as not to have it messed up by accident (ToolbarReset for instance). Since the V6 default RUI is not the same, exactly as the V5 one, what I recommend is to, in V6, save the default RUI to another name and then use the import function on the file menu of the Toolbar page of Options to import specific toolbars from your customized V5 RUI - hopefully you have made new toolbars in there with buttons that fire off your scripts. If the custom buttons are scattered around it may be a bit more work… maybe consolidate them in V5.


Also: Tools > Export options :slight_smile: