How to move animated objects as a group in the timeline

Hi there,
I have set up an animation where some parts of a cupboard move out of the corpus and my viewport is also animated between two names views. So far all looks great- BUT now I have to move the whole cupboard move animation keyframes as a group from the beginning of my timeline (0) to lets say 100 and let the camera do its animated viewport change while the rest sits still and starts at a later time. How can I move an already created animation that includes blocks and parent-child connections on the timeline as “package” without destroying my animation? Or can I simply somehow extend the timeline in the negative direction and start my animation at lets say -100 ticks?

Any ideas?


Cheers from Bavaria


Hi Carsten from Bavaria,

There are various ways but this is the easiest:
You start by selecting all the objects whose keyframes you want to move. Then execute the command “BongoMoveKeyframe” at the command prompt. Click the Object option.
“Start of tick range” in your case I think will be 0 and “End of thick range” the far most right keyframe you want to move. “Distance in ticks” allows you to move the keyframes either back or forth.


Negative ticks are not an option.


Hi Luc

THAT’s it!!! Works like a charm!


Thanks for your help.