How to move a mesh in a model?

I have a good mesh with no problems, but when I move it abit, I suddenly get a bad mash with intersecting faces, Does anyone knows how should I move the mesh?

Hi Asaf - can you post or send me the mesh? Is it far from the world origin?


Thank you for replying. I uploaded a file with both of the mashes.
I would like to connect them (Move the smaller one 30,000 centimeters to the left), but as you can see, If I move any one of them both, they turned from good mashes to bad mashes…

MoveMesh.3dm (1.0 MB)

Hi Asaf - The error shows a very short mesh edge - use CollpaseMeshFacesByEdgeLength at ‘Less than’ .01 to fix it.


Did that work for you? I think it only adds more intersecting faces at my mesh.

Well…here, moving the smaller mesh has not bad effect as far as Check on the mesh goes. Moving the larger mesh to the right shows errors but not from self-intersections, here, and if I collapse the mesh faces as I described before moving it, it show no errors after the move.


I’ll try them both. Thank you very much!