How to monetise a plug-in with external licensing and shop solution

Dear Plug-in-Developers

what external services / packages / API do you use to generate, sell, validate and manage the licenses of your customers / plug-in-users?

I am looking for a very lean solution, for a very small amount of customers and licences and don t want to set up my own shop, nor reinvent the wheel…

Are there typical approaches / service providers that have proven records in the context of rhino plug-ins or offer example implementations, best practice ?

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the functinality of Zoo is clear (and does not do the job)

Maybe some services might be — but to be honest I have no experience in this field - maybe a tip which to evaluate first ? or some keyword that will speed up searching ?

thanks for your input / feedback / support / experience

Hi @Tom_,

You might also give StackOverflow a search.

– Dale