How to modify fillet on IGES models?

Hi guys! I have a car glass IGES 3D model. I need to remove all curved edges and get straight edges. Do anyone have any idea how to do that? Any command I use doesn’t make result I want.

T50-T0027.01 GLASS-TAILGATE-LH.igs (139.2 KB)

Create a new layer
Copy the glass onto the new layer.
Delete the side edge surfaces of the glass.
Create a new layer
DupBorder the top and bottom surfaces of the glass with the new layer as the active layer.
Explode the border curves.
Delete the corner fillet curves
Join the border curve segments but don’t try to close the corners.
ExtendCrvOnSrf the border curves
Use the extend curves to Trim the glass surfaces.

Wow. Thanks, but it is changing glass length and width. Glass is widest in half of its thickness, but there I don’t have any surface and can’t make any. I need to remove all fillets.

I assumed you were talking about the rounded corners. You have the surfaces of the glass which are currently trimmed.

Or did you mean the rounded edges of the glass? Do you want straight edges instead?

If so:

Delete the rounded edge surfaces.
Loft command and select the edges of the large glass surfaces as the curves to loft between.
Select the straight section option and complete the command.

Or do you want something different?

Yes, something like that, but it can’t solve my problem completly. :sweat_smile: I know I am asking too much questions, and I can’t make myself perfectly clear with my task. :rofl:

The biggest problem in whole thing is that the peak of that rounded edge is outside of top surface area. If there is a way to make another surface between those 2 big surfaces (top and bottom) and scale it to that peak border it will solve my problem. :joy:

Peak of that rounded (widest part of glass) is 0.58mm wider than top surface curve.

Hello - you should be able to get pretty close by:

  1. ExtractIsocurve from each edge surface in the middle, Direction = U. Snap to the Int of the isocurves in the middle of the surface.
  2. UntrimAll the large surfaces.
    3.ExtendSrf> Type = Smooth these on all sides by a small amount - to make sure that they are large enough to trim back later.
    4.Pull the extracted isocurves to both surfaces.
  3. Loft - either between pairs of pulled curves or Join these into two closed loops and loft once.
  4. Trim the large surfaces back with these curves.