How to Modify an Isotrim Division Surface?

Hello, I have created the geometry with the hole, filled with the pattern, however it needs further development which I have no idea how to do:

  1. Change by Shifting the Isotimmed Surface filled with pattern
  2. Rotate the result withing the specified rectangle with the hole.
    Thanks for the help!
    Modifying an Isotrim Division (15.9 KB)

Hi Yuliya,
Is this what you want? (I changed your definition a little bit in that I first constructed the pattern and then repeated it.
Shifting is only done in x direction as in your image.
The colouring is just to show the indepedent polylines, you can erase it.
also: don’t forget to push the play button in data dam when you make adjustments (it is there because the solver takes 1 or 2 seconds to do the calculations. (32.8 KB)

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It’s great, thank you very much=):heart_eyes:

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