How to model the hard part about flyco fs330 in rhino

i got a problem about modeling in rhino. i’m a beginner with rhino.

this is mine in below

it’s easyly for you. i’m waiting for your answer. thank you.

Hi Bills - that is actually not all that easy to do cleanly as a beginner project, but it looks like you’ve got a decent start - can you post the file with what you’ve got so far? I’ll take a look.


yes, i am a beginner with rhino.flyco-fs330-rhino.stp (8.8 MB)
this is the model file. give some advises to me please.

Hello - what you have there is all done… not much to say… what I was asking for is a file with the object you have made.
if you are asking how to do it, I’d suggest getting started and ask specific questions when you run into problems.


sorry, when i first time asking you i don’t know how to do it. so i try other way again and again. finally i made it. but it still have many problems. like i can’t thicken it. i’m still look for a way to fix it.