How to model a tensile skin stretched over a frame


Working in Rhino5 and need to model a surface from a reference image. Been experimenting for a while with lofts and curve blends but can’t quite get the desired result. If you have a look at the reference image, I think the difficulty for me is that the ‘creases’ in the skin fades away towards the edge of the surface. Anyone have and idea where to start?

I have done a simple example as attached below. I used a NetworkSrf on the curves in the document. By adding more curves, and changing their shapes, the tautness of the tensile skin can be influenced.
It can be beneficial to use History when doing the NetworkSrf so that any changes to the source curves are immediately propagated to the resulting surface.

Tensile Skin.3dm (114.5 KB)


Just to be clear, by using straight lines as the penultimate curves on each side, the creases will fade away towards the edge of the surface.

Awesome. Would never have thought of an additional straight line on each side. This works like a bomb. Thanks!

Great, glad I could help :smile:

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