How to Merge Walls from Solid into a Single Wall?

I’ve created slanted walls using grasshopper and ‘Wall from Solid’ VA component.
Walls in the screenshot are 6 separate walls and 2 wall styles are used.
I would like to have two wall layers (finish-style 1 & structure-style 2) created through a single wall style (style 3). Is there any way to achieve this?


Hello @archist97,

Combine different styles to create a different one is not possible, but I think this should be fixed by allowing walls from solids to have layers. I’ll add it to the list to find a solution.

This is not what I am trying to do.

Yes. This is what I want to do. I want to create a customized wall with layers through ‘Walls from Solid’ component. Is it possible?

Hello @archist97,

This is not possible for now. How would you distribute thicknesses in an irregular solid if the style has more than one layer? What would be the best option for you in that case?

I don’t understand why you are talking about the irregular solid wall. Did you see the screen shot that I’ve posted? They are all straight walls.

Hello @archist97,

Yes, I saw your screenshots but we need to think our features to work in any possible case. If we implement such feature, it will be used with many different solids and some of them will be irregular. That is the reason of my question, in this particular case there is not that problem, but I would like to know what you might expect when you need to do the same with an irregular solid.

Sorry. I do not agree. What about Wall Tool? Does it support irregular case? It does not do even regular case like straight slanted walls that I’ve posted. Slanted walls are very very regular case. The image that you showed to me is SUPER irregular case. Most BIM software on the market support straight slanted wall. What software support such a super irregular walls that you showed to me? Why would you like to think about such a super irregular case which even popular BIM software do not support?

VisualArq. Just without the wall layers - for now.

But yes. Highly unlikely such a wall will be built.
Edit: in fact, walls with varying cross-section do exist, quite often actually. Maybe not with such irregular shapes (only example I can think of: water dams), but tapered ones for sure.

Hi @archist97,
I think we are mixing 2 different requests here. On one hand, creating walls from irregular solids and keeping the wall style layer structure, as @alfmelbev mentions, is something very difficult to implement, because the command should work with any irregular shape, and for non- parallelepiped solids there’s no way to apply a consistent layer distribution.

On the other hand, we need to implement the option to create slanted walls, which is the real request here. They could be created from surfaces or just by leaning existing walls (as you can do with curtain walls). They would keep the wall style layer structure. And it should not be necessary to use the wallFromSolids command, which has many drawbacks (resulting walls don’t keep the style layer structure, they can’t be extended, and they can’t intersect with other walls).

Slanted walls feature is on our wish-list. The main challenge of implementing it is to solve intersections with other walls, and we probably should implement also the option to insert openings on them (which right now it wouldn’t be possible, since openings can only be inserted in vertical positions.)

Actually, my team is losing trust on VA day by day. Too many fatal bugs, no new feature for very long, no schedule for VA 3.0… If Rhino 8 is released, maybe we don’t need VA any longer. It’s possible to extract 2D drawings and export them to Layout, and export Layout to dwg in Rhino 8. It offers RCP viewport as well.