How to merge two edges and delete the point inbetween?

anyone please help!!

how can i delete this point? (see the red arrow.)

when you do _showedge command, you can see this point appeared.
i know that _mergeedge command can sometimes delete this point, but it didn’t work in this case.

i have attached a file.

a.3dm (96.1 KB)

An approach would be to use Untrim with KeepTrimObjects=Yes then either re-trim with the obtained trim outline immediately, or if that does not work, RebuildCrvNonUniform the trim outline to within desired precision.

Hello - there is a light kink between the edges there - I’d do something like Menno suggests and retrim that edge with a clean new curve. If the edge comes from an intersesction with neighboring surfaces you may want to verify them as well.
BTW, @fabiidesign - I would not model at .1 units tolerance - use at most .01, from the start of the modeling process.
Also, it looks like you may have extended that surface with ExtendSrf > Type=Line. If so, you might want to go back and extend with Type=Smooth, then trim with a clean new curve. I used a line here…

a_PG.3dm (93.5 KB)


Hi Menno, solved! thanks a lot! you guys always help me.

Hi Pascal,

thanks always! my long -term question has been solved! i had no clue before you mentioned. that is because of kink.

also, thanks for some tips. indeed, i always modeled with 0.1mm units, and do extendsrf command with Type=Line.

I will use 0.01mm units and Type=Smooth from now on.