How to merge 3 closed meshes into one mesh closed?


I have tow question :slightly_smiling_face:
-I have a 3 closed meshes that I would like to merge into one closed mesh. (I attached the file )
The goals is to print the file, and to export X_T file .

-Every time that i try to save as X_t file I got a message like this:
How can i solve that?

let me know your thought …

Many tnx
3 closed meshes.3dm (19.4 MB)

The error message states that the Parasolid x_t file format doesn’t carry meshes - you only have meshes.
For 3d printing, you would normally use the stl or slc file format.
You will have to check what your 3D printer can use.

You right, but I need X_T for support software, before the printer.
Do you have some thought what should i do ?

In that case, you will probably have to rewrite your Grasshopper code to work with NURBS and not meshes.

Hi stupid question, if my object is closed meshed . I can print it as is?
or the object must be closed surface ?
closed mesh object is hollow shell or is it a full solid?

Yes. The driver for the 3D printer will add fill to the hollow shell based on parameters that you can set in the driver software.