How to mend an error in a surface joint?


I have a solid made from various surfaces as usual, but struggle to get two surfaces to align exactly in curvature. The result is a slight crease in the surface that only becomes apparent when rotated in shaded mode. Isocurves don’t seem to show anything. Is there a way to mend this so the joint surfaces align in curve so it created a continuous fair curve.



Drifter 1.02.1creased.3dm (417.2 KB)

Hi @Neomega-Resin
There’s a G0 kink where the two surfaces meet. Here’s a quick video of how I would do it, by replacing the corner surface with BlendSrf.

Drifter 1.02.1creased_JN.3dm (6.2 MB)
HTH, Jakob


Any sound on this, or do I just pause and read the commands?



I’d be inclined to finish the back like this -


Looks like that worked! Thanks! G