How to Match Edges after Fillet Surface

Filet Match.3dm (685.2 KB)
After having fun using fillet surface to create a nice 1.5mm radius all around, I noticed some breaks in the surface of the wing and in the fillet. What is the best way to bring these together?

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You should fix the breaks in the wing before trying to make fillets.
If the surfaces are tangent then the fillets will not have gaps.

MatchSrf can be used to make the surfaces trangent.
Filet Matchx.3dm (963.4 KB)


Match Surface.3dm (703.8 KB)
Hi Jim … Thanks for the guidance. I removed the fillet surface. I have not used MatchSrf for some time, and I never really understood how to use it properly. I would much appreciate a little more guidance on how to use MatchSrf to bring the surfaces together such that the close and are tangent.

MatchSrf is a bit of a mysterious` art.

In order to matchsrf you need to untrim both surfaces.
You should match the outer wing surfaces to the inner wing surfs.

But before you do that you might want to change those outer wing surfaces to degree 3X3. I don’t know how you made that as a degree 2 surface but it will be smoother if its changed to degree 3 and then run RemoveMultiKnot. Doing that doesn’t change the shape much, but it will make the geometry easier to work with.
Matching will change the shape, but if you want surfaces to join that’s what you have to do.

These are the settings I used.

After you match the outer wing surfaces to the inner ones, you will also have to match the leading edge of both wings that get pulled apart by the first match. I would just match those for position and use the “average surfaces” option.

You also should match the edges where the two mirrored sides meet. To do that create an extruded surface and match the inner wing to that. This time use the “match target isocurve direction” option. After doing that when you mirror the left side to create the right side they will match perfectly in the middle.