How to map, separate, and extrude alternating triangles on a surface


I am creating a desktop plant pot that will eventually be 3D printed using Shapeways. The shape is based on an icosahedron mesh that I have manipulated using the Weaverbird Mesh Thicken Component, thus creating surfaces that give thickness to each triangle of the original icosahedron.

I am experimenting with different textures to these surfaces, and so far, I have successfully mapped the Voronoi pattern onto one of these surfaces.

However, I would also like to create an array of triangles mapped onto a similar surface where alternating triangles are slightly raised off the surface. Something like this:

I have tried the Triangular and LunchBox Triangle Panels B components with Split List and Discontinuity, with limited success. Once the triangles are mapped onto the surface, what would be the best way to separate them in order to efficiently create an effect like the one above?

Any and all help would be much appreciated!

Thank you!

-ff (11.2 KB) ff_algorithm_to_object.3dm (12.3 MB)