How to manually deselect several vertices from naked points?

Hi I want to make variations of dome-like structure, so I want to deselect several points from selected naked points.

I guess I can find the index through List Item and manually type numbers to select only the points I want every time I make new a variation, but that feels like a tedious work. Is there any a more intuitive way to deselect some points from naked points? (14.6 KB)

Have a try this way. (15.6 KB)

In general the question is: how to interactively modify/select/whatever items in a given collection on a per item basis. That said GH is NOT interactive by any means (at least in that sense [the core of engineering])

The answer is easy via code and impossible without.

Has to do with storing data in parameter(s) - not connected to anything - I.e. storing (or not) volatile data as persistent ones (user can control the related action: store, not store, delete etc etc), update the data in the parameter, accessing the parameter via the nickname and read the content (if the related action is to get/read) of the parameter in the piece of code (PRIOR it executes) that does something with the data.

A primitive example: given a grid of points how to interactively modify, say, a Z value on a per point basis: say a C# gets a point, changes coords and stores the whole changed collection (of points) in a suitable parameter. Then PRIOR re - executing reads the points collection from that parameter.

If you are familiar with C# (level: advanced to expert) notify for an indicative demo.

You can set points in Grasshopper where you don’t want to have anchors and then cull all duplicates.

The points don’t need to be set very precisely. The cull duplicates component has a tolerance which you will have to set according to the mesh edges so a bit less than half the edge length. You can even drag the points around by first selecting the points component in GH and then in the Rhino viewport drag the arrows. This “gumball” does not have the full functionality as you cannot drag with the plane grip. (18.2 KB)

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This is amazing! It comes very close to what I was imagining. I edited it a bit so that I can build it from a surface and I can simply make a mesh plane to deselect multiple points from naked points instead of manually creating every point regardless of UV counts. Let me know if there is any better suggestion to do “Deselect points that are inside a curve or surface”.

But new challenge is that, what if I want to make a hole on the surface for windows?

To get this kind of open

I want to do it also in a intuitive way that I just need to create curve, surface or a soild to make a hole on the vaulted geometry.

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Not exactly what I meant, but this is also an amazing idea to create random variations! thanks a lot

And here is another challenge… let me know if you have any idea for this one too. Thank you so much again!