How to make water ripples gently blend into flat surface?


(Mapandcompassdesign) #1

I would like to make something similar to this serving tray. I have found a grasshopper file that allows me to make the water ripples I am wondering how to effectively take the water ripples and have them seamlessly blend back into the flat surface of the object. I would like the transition to appear more natural and gradual then the serving tray but I am not sure what the best approach is. I would prefer to construct it parametrically if possible but at this point if it is easier and more practical to model it myself I will. What are your thoughts.
-Brandon (16.1 KB)

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hello - I don’t know if this is what you mean - but maybe?

Ripple.3dm (222.7 KB)

@mapandcompassdesign - V5 file. No GH involved.


(Mapandcompassdesign) #3

I believe so. I was able to see the image and it looks correct but I have rhino 5 and wasnt able to open it. Is there anyway that I could see the grasshopper file that allowed you to create it?


(Michael Pryor) #4

Maybe? (16.2 KB)


Oddly, my thoughts is that that could also be easily made by revolving a simple curve, and cutting out the parts you don’t want.

I understand the Grasshopper adaptability is cool, and at the same time, I feel that Rhino’s ordinary modeling tools are so intuitive that this particular application seems like a thought experiment.

(Michael Pryor) #6

revolving a simple curve, and cutting out the parts you don’t want.

That is what @pascal did if you open up his file.

(Jeremy) #7

I guess a lot depends on whether you want a realistic “stone dropped in water” set of ripples. They don’t look like simple sine waves…
As I understand it the maths involved is complex so it may be easier to study some photos and draw an approximation than to try and use grasshopper.


(Michael Pryor) #8

You can change the graph type to sinc.