How to make to floor area match?

Hi everyone, I have a floor plan that I want the floor area perimeter zones to match the core zone; is there any automated way to do this? It’s important that the corners remain straight and on the 45-degree line.

You could project your curves to the CPlane, or use SetPt. That is a start. Are your lines not staying on the construction plane?—- Mark

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\dfrac{w\cdot h}{2}={\color{lime}2 \cdot(w-d)\cdot d } + {\color{red}2 \cdot(h-d)\cdot d }

Some quadratic formula and you find d :

d=\dfrac{-w-h+\sqrt{(w+h)^2-2(w \cdot h)}}{-4}

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Here a pretty loud alternative using Zombie solver (19.5 KB)

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