How to make tip wings

Hello every one, I am learning Rhino and as I am a fan of flying, I was following a tutorial to make wings

but I do not understand why I can not close the tip wings with a tangent continuity:

can you help me? What book do you recommend to learn to draw well planes?


How are you constructing the wing and tip to get what you show?

I have extruded a naca Profile (for stabilyzer), I inserted two nodes, I
selected the extreme points of profile and I’ve aligned points with _setpt.

Hi Filippo,
if you align the last row of points with the previous row, you get exactly a perfect round and tangent wing tip.

It looks like you inserted knots into the surface, but since it was an extrusion it was of Degree 1, so you get sharp kinks instead of a smooth surface. So the extra step is, before inserting points, use ChangeDegee to raise the degree of the wing surface along its length from 1 to 3(or 5.)

Thanks to all, I will try :wink:

Thanks, degree 5 :wink: