How to Make This in Rhino 5?

I’m modeling this Star Trek communicator. I have no idea how to place the holes into the antenna (the gold mesh thing). I have the antenna shell, and I have the hole pattern. How do I lay the hole pattern over the shell without distorting the holes on the curved areas of the shell surface? If I can do that, I figure I can extrude the holes and do a Boolean Difference. But so far, the tools I have tried leave the holes distorted on the curved sides of the shell. All suggestions welcome, thanks-

I guess I would either reconstruct the target shape as as single surface or better yet just make a “dummy” single surface that roughly approximates the shape. For best results the dummy surface needs “even parameterization,” which in practice for me tends to mean I Rebuild it with a high number of control points after getting the shape right. Then I would use FlowAlongSrf with the Rigid option to flow an array of CYLINDERS for booleaning over it. Some tweaking of the ‘grid’ will likely be necesssary in the corners, but that’s easy enough with History enabled.