How to make the circle shape moved by series in a smooth way?

Hi ,guys .
I have a practice is to make a shape like this pics.

But I always can’t make the fist one connect with the final one in a smooth way.

I want to make this is more smooth with the blue line.

Is there have any way to fix the problem?
Can anyone helps me for this, Thanks :sob: (14.6 KB)

this is one way to do it, cut your series in half and reverse the list and merge the two together (12.4 KB)


Thanks, Gijs.
But here the connect place will looks sharp.

Is possible to make it more like wave?

Then not use the graph mapper but use a sin or cos function for that, then you get fluent waves: (12.2 KB)

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This way is pretty good, thanks a lot. :smiley:

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